To provide our clients with world class transcription services and transcriptionists, equipped with quality education and advance technology.
To be the most trusted, reliable, and competent Medical Transcription Company globally.

Welcome to Transcode One Solutions!
Transcode One Solutions Corp provides medical transcription services to individual practices, clinics and hospitals in the U.S. Canada, U.K., Australia, etc.

Transcode One is a Filipino-owned company located in General Santos City, Philippines. Our operations are centered on committing “Quality Service” to our clients. We believe that service is not delivered without putting all your effort and your heart into it.

Pioneering the outsourcing business in the region, Transcode One relies on homegrown talents in the field of Medical Transcription. With intensive trainings, our medical transcriptionists are equipped with competent and reliable skills generating quality reports on time. With the rapidly changing technology network, Transcode One provides advance technology and robust equipment to meet the scalating demands of our clients. Combining these technologies with transcription skills allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' transcription needs.

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Transcode One Solutions Offers Extensive training in Medical Transcription inorder to provide best and quality medical transcriptions.
Our Academe
Our Workstations
We currently have 30 MT workstations to accommodate at least 10,000 lines per day.
Our DRIVE to excellency
and our continuing pursuit of providing quality service to our clients will be our driving force to achieve our company's goals and commitments.
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At Transcode One Solutions, we provide you the Best Quality Medical Transcription.
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Transcode One Solutions, Corp is a member of the Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines Inc. (MTIAPI)               
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